Napoli my love

My father was born in Vico Equense, a small village in the Gulf of Naples, perched on a rock. It is there, on a black sand beach, that he met my mother, a Parisian passing through the area. As a little girl, I spent all my summers in Vico and Puglia, where my grandfather Giuseppe came from. I am very attached to this magnificent region: from the Amalfi coast to the islands (Capri, Ischia, Procida), this mix of sea and mountains make it for me one of the most beautiful places in the world...

The charm of this region also stems from the folklore of the Neapolitans: their colorful dialect, their "joie de vivre", their self-mockery... And the cuisine is made with so much kindness that it's a real moment of sharing! It's this atmosphere I want to reproduce in my restaurant.

Nonna Rosa's Polpette

I was immersed in a double culture and every summer was a feast for me: bathing on rocky beaches, black sand or pebbles, houses in a row on the hills, the smell of basil that my grandfather was planting on the terrace, lemons, family dinners that ended in songs or poems... and the famous Polpette that my grandmother Rosa prepared for us as soon as we arrived because she knew we loved it, it was a way for her to tell us she was happy to see us!

That's all I want to highlight in my restaurant: a moment of sharing in a beautiful setting, around good dishes cooked with love. With my Neapolitan Chef Salvatore and my consultant Maria Angela, we choose carefully our products and do intend to stay on top!

Our team

Our team is made of talents sharing our values ​​of quality and friendliness. In the kitchen, they guarantee the respect of the local gastronomic tradition. Our Chef Salvatore, his team, but also our consultant Maria Angela who came from Capri to share her know-how, will make your experience at Polpette a moment of pleasure and sharing.

In the kitchen and in the dining room with Emmanuelle, Emilie and Manon, our goal is simple: to make you spend a pleasant time discovering the treasures of this gastronomic culture!

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